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For over 60 years we have assisted private aircraft owners in finding the perfect aircraft for sale. Our team uses global connections and experience to make sure your aircraft buying experience is seamless and first-class.

Why Execaire

Why Buy a Private Jet
with Execaire Aviation?

At Execaire Aviation we find planes for sale that meet your specific needs and preferences. Whether it’s a business jet for sale or a leisure aircraft, we will confidently guide you to buy the best private airplane.

Global Reach

With access to a worldwide network of aircraft, we offer unparalleled options to find the optimal fit. Trust our international connections to deliver the ideal jet, no matter its location.


Bringing decades of experience, we ensure exceptional service for your private jet purchase with unparalleled expertise in every transaction. With over 150 new aircraft deliveries from major OEMs and expertise in pre-owned acquisitions, we ensure exceptional service for your private jet purchase.

Customer-Centric Approach

Our customer-centric approach guarantees your satisfaction throughout the aircraft acquisition process. We tailor our services to your unique needs, delivering an exceptional aircraft acquisition experience.

Our Approach

The Aircraft Sales Process

Your journey to private jet ownership starts and ends with our dedicated support. Our streamlined process ensures you find the best private plane to meet your needs.

Step 1


We initiate contact with potential aircraft sellers, gather information, and assess interest. Additionally, our team provides a detailed market analysis to support informed decision-making.

Step 2


We formalize the aircraft listing agreement, capturing essential terms and commitments. We also arrange a comprehensive aircraft viewing and review all relevant documentation.

Step 3

Offer Acceptance

We coordinate offers to align with buyer expectations. The purchase agreement is finalized, with the buyer’s deposit securely held in escrow.

Step 4

Inspection of the Aircraft for Sale

The aircraft for sale undergoes a thorough evaluation at a designated inspection facility and a detailed pre-purchase inspection report is generated.

Step 5

Technical Acceptance

The buyer reviews the inspection report and provides formal technical acceptance. The deposit then becomes non-refundable, moving the transaction towards closure.

Step 6


All closing documents are securely managed in escrow. Funds are transferred, necessary authorizations are obtained, and the aircraft sale is concluded efficiently and effectively.

Personalized Experiences

Expert Guide to Aircraft Acquisitions

Tailored Support for Importing Pre-Owned Aircraft
Custom Solutions for Aircraft Modifications
Seamless Transport Canada Deregistration
Expertise in Handling Foreign Registrations
Comprehensive Pre-Purchase Evaluations
Streamlined Airworthiness Checks and Certificates
Expert Tax and Fee Guidance
Simplified Process for Importing New Aircraft
Legal Expertise in Aircraft Importation

Tailored Support for Importing Pre-Owned Aircraft

Access comprehensive guidance on understanding maintenance record standards across different countries. We ensure reliable maintenance documentation, especially when purchasing used planes for sale in Canada with varying standards like the U.S.

Custom Solutions for Aircraft Modifications

Navigate the complexities of aircraft modifications to meet both exporting and importing country requirements with ease. Our experts assist in obtaining Service Bulletins or Supplemental Type Certificates (STC) to streamline the export process.

Seamless Transport Canada Deregistration

A hassle-free deregistration process with Transport Canada is essential for aircraft sales in Canada. We utilize escrow agencies to manage complexities and prevent issues such as loss of airworthiness certification.

Expertise in Handling Foreign Registrations

Simplify the importation process by focusing on the aircraft’s condition and proper deregistration, regardless of its country of origin. We efficiently handle all necessary steps.

Comprehensive Pre-Purchase Evaluations

Ensure a smooth and successful transaction through thorough pre-purchase inspections. We identify import requirements and verify necessary modifications and maintenance with our detailed evaluations.

Streamlined Airworthiness Checks and Certificates

Obtain Export Certificates of Airworthiness from the FAA when beneficial and ensure compliance with Transport Canada’s inspection requirements for a seamless certification process.

Expert Tax and Fee Guidance

Manage the complex implications of aircraft sales with tailored tax advice. We help you understand tax impacts based on sale location, aircraft use, and provincial regulations for Canadian planes for sale.

Simplified Process for Importing New Aircraft

Enjoy streamlined services for new aircraft acquisitions. We ensure compliance with manufacturing standards and coordinate with the Minister’s Delegate for a smooth import process.

Legal Expertise in Aircraft Importation

Expertly manage the intricate details of aircraft importation, from non-binding offers to purchase agreements. We protect your financial interests with proper handling of all legal stages.

Explore Our Aircraft for Sale

Aircraft for Sale

2012 Cessna Citation Sovereign

SN #680-0337
9 Passengers
2,829 NM
Airframe: Time 1,893 hours Landings 1,217 Engine: Time 1,893.1 hours Cycles 1,217
View Aircraft

Dassault Falcon 2000EX Easy

SN #076
10 Passengers
3,878 NM
Airframe: Time 7,820 hours Landings 3,793 Engine: Time 7,476 hours Cycles 3,664
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Harald Maron
Director Aircraft Sales