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Our transactional aircraft experts will help sell your private jet at the best price and find the ideal buyer for maximum return.

Why Execaire

Why Sell a Private Jet
with Execaire Aviation?

Selling your private jet with Execaire Aviation guarantees you access to an unparalleled network of qualified buyers, maximizing your aircraft’s market exposure and sale price. Our seasoned experts provide a comprehensive, tailored approach, managing every detail from precise valuations and strategic marketing to negotiations and closing.

Global Reach

With access to a worldwide network of potential buyers, we offer unparalleled options to sell your private jet at the best plane price. Trust our international connections to find the ideal buyer, no matter where your aircraft is located.


With over 150 successful new aircraft deliveries and extensive experience in pre-owned transactions, our transactional aircraft experts ensure you get the best value for your private jet sale.

Customer-Centric Approach

Our customer-centric approach guarantees your satisfaction throughout the sales process. We tailor our services to your unique needs, delivering an exceptional experience as we find the best buyer for your private plane listed for sale.

Our Approach

The Aircraft Sales Process

Your journey to private jet ownership starts and ends with our dedicated support. Our streamlined process ensures you find the best private plane to meet your needs.

Step 1

Pre-Sale Consultation

We meet with the aircraft owner to review market conditions, including asking prices compared to sale price expectations, and average time for sale to be concluded.  The consultation allows owners to determine if they wish to proceed with a sale now or consider selling the aircraft at a more appropriate time.

Step 2

Pre-Sale Listing Agreement

We review the aircraft and conduct an initial review of relevant documentation while formalizing the aircraft listing agreement, capturing essential terms and commitments.

Step 3

Aircraft Marketing

Our team determines what key criteria and resources are best suited to market the aircraft.

Step 4

Offer Review / Aircraft Sale Agreement

We coordinate offers to best align with the aircraft owner’s expectations.  Once an offer is acceptable to the owner and the purchaser has placed a refundable deposit in escrow, our team assists in having the aircraft purchase / sale agreement finalized.

Step 5

Inspection of the Aircraft

The aircraft undergoes an evaluation at a designated inspection facility and a copy of the inspection report is received.

Step 6

Technical Acceptance

The buyer reviews the inspection report and provides formal technical acceptance. The deposit then becomes non-refundable, moving the transaction towards closure.

Step 7


All closing documents are securely managed in escrow. Funds are transferred, necessary authorizations obtained, and the aircraft sale is concluded efficiently and effectively.

Step 8


Our team coordinates the post-closing transfer of service programs, or de-registration requirements for the aircraft and other post-closing tasks.


Personalized Experiences

Expert Guide to Aircraft Acquisitions

Tailored Support for Importing Pre-Owned Aircraft
Custom Solutions for Aircraft Modifications
Expertise in Handling Foreign Registrations
Pre-Purchase Inspection Support
Streamlined Airworthiness Certificates
Expert Guidance
Legal Expertise

Tailored Support for Importing Pre-Owned Aircraft

Access comprehensive guidance on understanding maintenance record standards across different countries. We ensure reliable maintenance documentation, especially when selling used planes for sale in Canada with varying standards between different aviation authorities.

Custom Solutions for Aircraft Modifications

Navigate the complexities of aircraft modifications to meet both exporting and importing country requirements with ease. Our experts assist in obtaining Service Bulletins or Supplemental Type Certificates (STC) to streamline the export process.

Expertise in Handling Foreign Registrations

Coordinating the process with each aviation authority independently, while also any requirements for the International Registry, is essential for aircraft sales. We utilize experts to manage complexities and prevent issues when listing your private jet for sale.

Pre-Purchase Inspection Support

Ensure a smooth and successful transaction while the buyer completes its pre-purchase inspection. We monitor the inspection and provide aircraft owners with guidance through this period, which may give the owner uncertainty.

Streamlined Airworthiness Certificates

Where needed our team coordinates the request for an Export Certificates of Airworthiness, typically desired for cross-border transactions, thereby meeting the seller’s obligation and a buyer’s condition of purchase.

Expert Guidance

Manage the complex implications of aircraft sales with tailored guidance. We help you understand tax and fee impacts based on closing location, and provincial / state regulations for closing transactions in other jurisdictions.

Legal Expertise

Our team can recommend trusted legal expertise to ensure intricate details in aircraft sale agreements are incorporated.

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2012 Cessna Citation Sovereign

SN #680-0337
9 Passengers
2,829 NM
Airframe: Time 1,893 hours Landings 1,217 Engine: Time 1,893.1 hours Cycles 1,217
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Dassault Falcon 2000EX Easy

SN #076
10 Passengers
3,878 NM
Airframe: Time 7,820 hours Landings 3,793 Engine: Time 7,476 hours Cycles 3,664
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